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You know it’s been a good weekend when…

I ran away from my brain, looked for escape in a glass of wine, and regretted it in a funk of tiredness and myprodol. However, surprising moments rescued my broken heart. A dinner with friends, a day on the farm.

I know I’m a survivor, I know this will pass and somehow I will get through it. Doesn’t mean I want to though.


  runnermum wrote @

Ohh Birdie – I know you’ll be ok – you are strong but I know it’s not easy because sometimes when people tell you, you are strong you want to cry out and say I don’t want to be strong…

Good luck.

BTW – what happened to your friend?

  charliesbird wrote @

She is going to have to move without her children and has started proceedings to challenge this custody ruling, but, as you know, these things take time.

  halberts2014 wrote @

Aw man, that is so not nice. I hope they can work out something for the sake of the children.

  runnermum wrote @

The sheriff phoned me this morning so I’m waiting for my divorce summons…

Your poor poor friend…

  halberts2014 wrote @

Prayers and thoughts with you RM ((Hugs))

  charliesbird wrote @

Hang in there, my friend…

  Deblet wrote @

Ai what a horrible situation hope things work out of het

  halberts2014 wrote @

You have lots of friends and family to support you

  Deblet wrote @

Lots of love to you

  MamaCat wrote @

Sorry to hear that you are so sad CB.

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