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The agony

… oh my… a dear friend of mine who has been through an awful awful divorce and whose new husband lives 1000km from her heard last night that if she proceeds with a move to be with her new husband, her children will have to remain with their father, according to the court. Watching her crumble and crumple was almost too much to bear. It’s any mother’s nightmare, it’s a disaster. 

And knowing what I do about her former husband, and her children, I am speechless. 

Justice and Mercy, where are you? 


  halberts2014 wrote @

Divorcedcan be ugly and messy, especially when the children are involved and 1 party insists on using the kids as pawns. Sometimes the courts are unfair and one-sided. I’m sorry for your friend

  runnermum wrote @

No no no no!!! How incredibly awful – how people can use children like this is beyond my comprehension – we are literally #$^%^&&&^* up our children’s lives…

Makes me so so angry…

  runnermum wrote @

So she has to basically choose between her new husband and her children…

Solomon will have hard time in our modern times…

  charliesbird wrote @

The stuff of nightmares… her ex is just awful too, and is starting to play mind games with the kids; its a complete disaster!

  halberts2014 wrote @

Shame man. We had/have the opposite, with DH’s ex playing games. DH eventually withdrew completely and we haven’t seen his daughter since she was 8 even though she lives in PE.
It’s horrible, really horrible. I wish your friend the best. Just be there for her

  Deblet wrote @

Oh no

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