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… Boundaries. Shoowee, it’s getting to that silly time of the year. I’m finding that, despite my holiday, my resilience seems poor; it probably would be so much worse if I hadn’t had the break though. 

I am trying really hard to focus on a few things at the moment – I have a strong need to ‘get things in order’. 

  • The house – for a while there was a dream of a move to my old family house here in town. It would have been hideously expensive, fat too big for the 3 of us, completely impractical and several more speed bumps away from work and school; but the dream has never gone away. Recently the current owners decided to give the house to their son… I understand, it’s an amazing home; but I’m a bit sad. But what it does mean is that some of the maintenance work I’ve been ignoring/neglecting must now be seen to at our current home- a paint job, some minor repairs, a blind/wind shield in our outside area, some furniture repairs, some cupboard repairs and maybe some new carpets (a childhood really does destroy them). I need to list it all, get vague quotes and work on a budget and time frame. 
  • The Body – a recurrent theme in this blog, but its time to just settle down and calm down with the eating. It’s also time to just make a sincere commitment to more consistent running. Yes, I run every week, but I battle severely with consistently running enough to do the things I want to do. That must change. #excusesmustfall 
  • Photo journaling – I started out great guns and have done 4 photo books for Thandi – a pregnancy one, year 1; year 2 and year1 at preschool, so I am a bit behind! I’m currently working on the next one; and a photo book of my mom’s recipes. I get so emotional on that one, I can’t do a lot on it at once. 
  • And, and, and… I really am trying to control my compulsive volunteerism (if that’s a word) and not put my hand up for all sorts of things that will further drain me and take away from time with my family. 

Flip, this sounds a bit like a list of New Years resolutions, doesn’t it? I think next year might be my year of “No”. 

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  Deblet wrote @

Saying No can be very freeing. I too had a hard time saying no for a very long time but then I suddenly realised that I was often just being used and taken for granted…. You know those people who only know you number when they need something. I have been making a concerted effort to say No when I know I’m being used.
Good luck for the last 2 months of the year it’s just nuts.
Our family home belongs to my brother and he is finding it to be real money pit.

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