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Chasing up

…so last night my running friends and I hit the local Mexican spot. It felt so sneaky being out in a Monday night, the best part was that the restaurant was quiet! I love it when things are easy. 

The meal was good – I had a chorizo, prawn and black bean quesadilla, which was good! The spice was just right, not too hot, not bland. With a touch of extra gaucomole, yum! The frozen margaritas were also flipping delicious. I was a bit conservative and had a traditional one, but my friends got experimental – kiwi and cucumber (so good) ; mango and chili (interesting; almost savory!). 

The naughty feeling hasn’t left me; and now I feel like I did at varsity most Tuesday mornings – ready to go back to bed! I’m yawning my head off! 


  TAFKAD wrote @

Monday Margaritas!! to be followed by the regmaker Tuesday Tequila! And then of course Wednesday Wineday. And what would a week be without puza Thursday. And then IT’S THE WEEKEND BABY! Hope you’re not on call xo

  charliesbird wrote @

Indeed I am; woe is me!

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