Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…on a Sunday… so in the aftermath of my win and a late night, we headed off to a day of wine bottling! 

Patients who have become friends were preparing to bottle their latest vintage; every year they get grapes brought down to our neck of the woods, do the whole destemming, pressing and fermentation. Just enough for 1 barrel. And then it was time to bottle it. 

So there we were – bottle washing, filling bottles, corking, sealing, labeling. And a huge Greek souvla slap up lunch to follow. It was really fun – they roped in all their buddies, had a jumping castle for the kids, do a whale of a time was had by all! And the wine was flipping delicious! 

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but doing the sums, figuring out the costs, it’s an expensive hobby being a garagiste, so something that is off of our current agenda. 

Me with the little lady for whom the wine is named.

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  MamaCat wrote @

This sounds like so much fun, especially the Greek lunch.

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