Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…waiting, and seeing the world go by. This weekend felt a lot like that.

On Friday night Thandi had a sleepover at Gran’s house, which she loved. Muffin, Granny’s little excuse of a dog was allowed to sleep under her bed, and in the morning crept in with her, which she loved (me not so much, but that’s me); so Charlie and I were at home, stuck in domestic bliss. Me icing biscuits, he engaging in some Facebook trolling. (He’s currently arguing with some antivaxers and  some flat earthers, I hate it! The arguing that is.) Anyway, and exciting night sans child and we went to bed early.

Saturday was a run, work, children’s party (the biscuits I iced were for that), some chilling on the couch and an early braai with friends; Sunday another run, work and more couch time. Really really exciting stuff. But good too to do little.

Starting to get our ducks in a row for our trip to Scotland – visa appointments booked – it really is a bummer when you live in a lesser major centre and have to travel for all these sorts of things. Anyway, I believe they are fairly efficient, so trust all will go smoothly. Accommodation is all booked; car still needs to be hired, and I will get onto that this week; and then payments must be processed. Phew! Let’s hope our prez doesn’t do something foolish in the next month! Oh, and I must train for my marathon! (refer above to running and running). I am starting to get excited, I just wish that all the admin was out of the way, I find that very stressful!


  MamaCat wrote @

I need to work myself up to letting HB stay over somewhere. I fully understand this is my problem, not his.
You actually have time to ice cookies? It takes me forever, so I try not to do iced cookies anymore.

  charliesbird wrote @

I have a friend who does a lot and has taught me some tricks – I make them one evening, make the icing and do the outlines another, flood them the next and allow to dry and viola!

  charliesbird wrote @

I just have to be super organised and plan ahead.

  Deblet wrote @

Lovely chilled weekend

  TAFKAD wrote @

haha, I’ve noticed the conspiracy theorist trolling 🙂

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