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…I got ’em, baby. Deep navy blues…

Flip, I am feeling like a stuck record – even to myself; but it is what it is. I was chatting to a friend on my run this morning, and even she concurred, I have had a rough year. Yes, there are some awesome highlights, but with the background loss, I am feeling those blues. And if I don’t get my dose of endorphins, I am a snivelling wreck. Stress management is so damn important, but I am failing at it. Currently I am even finding planning my holiday to Scotland stressful! So running, reading, sleeping… I just figure trying to add anything to that schedule will add to instead of lighten the load. I just wish that before a run I would feel empowered and excited, instead I wake up and try to find an excuse – which if I capitalise on (a snotty nose, a sore leg, too tired) compounds those blues.

I also wish that my inability to not do anything would slow down a bit, just a little – last night I was having an ams conversation, trying to sort out the last few holiday things before I can book our appointment for visas, watching TV and trying to relax! Oh, and be on call… Who am I kidding? And I still feel guilty that I haven’t hauled my sewing machine out and worked on a photo book and….

Anyway, this morning I had a tough session combining hills and speed work – it was incredibly life giving! Grabbing  take away coffee at Seattle on my way home rounded out my pre 6:30am morning. Now just to trust that my 8:30 – 12:30 day is sweet too!



  halberts2014 wrote @

Don’t be afraid to speak to someone if you feel you aren’t coping.
Hugs, have blessed day

  Deblet wrote @

Seems you have a lit on your plate. Remember to look after yourself

  MamaCat wrote @

When I feel really upset, I actually stop. All I want to do is be alone and sleep.
Maybe allow yourself a little time to wallow for a bit.

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