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Come on summer

…ok, ok, I probably don’t really mean that – I’m not sure any perimenopausal woman ever means that; but given how damn cold my last 2 runs have been, I am very glad that the solstice has come. We can now start to look forward to some more light; some more warmth.

This morning , on the way to my run, through a little dip near the river, the temperature dipped down to 6°C! Yesterday it was 9°C! Crazy cold for my little neck of the woods. Yesterday there was also a sneaky breeze that seemed to just cut through my clothes. After 2 freezing mornings, I think it’ll take me days to warm up again… But, I’m looking on the bright side of things – I am out there, running and feeling good! 2 trail runs are lined up over the weekend – 1 on Friday night, 1 on Saturday afternoon, excited to get out onto the trails again! Yay! Those are nice after a long stretch on roads.

Ok, let’s get this Thursday on the go!


  halberts2014 wrote @

It is indeed cold. Can’t wait for the rain which has been forecasted though. We sure do need it

  Surita Greyling wrote @

I wanna run!!! I just can’t shake this sinus infection!

  MamaCat wrote @

I know it is summer when I am sleeping with the curtains open again.

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