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Funny week

…as in strange, not funny haha. Hmm… Headache has not completely gone, so I have still been battling quite a bit there. There are a whole host of investigations underway – I’ll fill you all in when I have some more info – it’s probably just all neck related – gynaecologist’s neck… But it’s been debilitating.

The weather has been cold – I enjoy winter, I love snuggling down on the couch with a blanket; and I signed us up for Netflix, so I am ready for it all! I have a stash of Milo and hot chocolate, lots of tea ( pity about the snacks I always want) On that note, any recommendations of things to watch – series, movies…

The long weekend looms, and I am on call – guess it has to happen – I’ve had a long run of weekends off – loved those! Our city seems to be emptying out, so on the social side, it’ll be quiet – time to catch up and regroup; do some tidying up, some sorting out at home – I need to do that. The only problem is I tend to sort out one area, and am then all sorted out – and the thought of continuing another room or cupboard seems to much… Let’s hope I have a good dose of endurability this weekend.

Oh, and I’m running again, after a 2 week break, here’s to marathon training (again).


  halberts2014 wrote @

Our jobs are give us such headaches it seems. Either being bent over looking at what you do (ahem) or like me hunched over a pc all day.
We only have MNET and then we recently got that OVHD tv thing, where you pay a once off and get a few channels. They are re-running House, which I love. With Hugh Laurie. There is something scrumptious about his nerdy ruggednous. I love those medical dramas. Don’t get to watch much TV as Liam is usually watching something.
One room at a time. Then when you’ve done all the rooms it’s time to start at the beginning again

  charliesbird wrote @

Ooh, yes, loved House!

  MamaCat wrote @

Hope you can get that pain out of the way soon. Mine was all neck related, with a tad hormonal reactions thrown in.
I love streaming TV. We are currently watching The Mentalist.
Like Helen says, one room/area at a time. I pick one and then I am done until the next weekend. I also stick with seasonal overhauls of clothing and I give it away on a Monday to someone who wants it.
Enjoy the training.

  Deblet wrote @

Have a good weekend.,hope it’s quiet on the work front.
Amazing how many issues come from our work and the toll it takes on our bodies…. 2 dodgy shoulders and back from my hospital days

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