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Chronic pain

…I’ve had a headache/neckache/backache on and off for most of the last week. 2 trips to the chiro have made minimal changes; and I am really feeling atrocious. How do people with chronic pain illnesses cope, I wonder?

I also wonder how poor Dawny coped in those last few years, I know she was often sore and tired, and had very little relief with any meds – she was also so limited in what she could use. Ai… Missing you mom, wish I could curl up next to you, have you stroke me head and tell me it would all be ok…


  halberts2014 wrote @

I think I have sympathy pains. I’ve been putting it down to the cold I’ve had all week. The headache isn’t the normal migraine I usually get when I have backache, it’s more like a dull throb, almost like you can feel the blood pumping around your skull.
Aww man, poor Dawny, to be in so much pain with little help.
Funny how no matter how old we get, a hug from Mum is still the best cure 🙂
Love and hugs

  runnermum wrote @

Strange – I’ve been thinking the same thing this week – how do people cope with chronic pain and limited use of their limbs or difficulty getting around.

Ohh Birdie – I wish I could make the heartache less…

  MamaCat wrote @

I have had that for a while, the neck pain creates the most horrendous headaches. For me it was as simple as working out my pillow was a problem, consciously sitting correctly and good old hubby massaging my neck.
Hope yours resolves soon.

  Deblet wrote @

Yikes hope it’s better soon. Otherwise a quick full checkup may be in order Doc. Sometimes we neglected ourselves when we so busy treating symptoms and not finding a cause.

  Chris wrote @

As someone who has lived with chronic pain (CRPS) since I was 18- so now well over half my life, the magic answer is: we do it because there’s no choice, and no solution. 🙂 And, I too wish I had my mom… Feel better!

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