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Friends, Romans

…Comrades! Crikey, becoming a sort-of-a-runner has turned me into a freak running spectator! I spent yesterday on the couch and attached to my cell phone – I thought I might break it (the phone, not the couch) I was refreshing the app so often! And what a day it was!

3 of my little running group were there – our heroine came 9th, people, I cannot comprehend quite how fast that is! She ran that race in 7 hours! 7!!!!! Flip! Machine! Then the 2 others ran very respectable races – 1, I know is a bit disappointed that she didn’t make her goal time, but she still ran a pb; the other is smiling for a respectable run!

Then there were all the other friends – the 3 teachers from Thandi’s school; the club members; the friend’s husbands; acquaintances and casual stalkees.

And then there was Runnermom! While I didn’t see her on TV, I watched her on the app – what a machine! She has had the year from hell personally, and has run the year of her dreams! I am in awe! In the midst of all of that horrible divorce crap, she has risen above and run with excellence! Well done, you beauty, you! What an amazing example to Zoe you are!


  Deblet wrote @

Runner Mom is awesome

  MamaCat wrote @

It is a wow achievement! Waiting for Runnermom’s post n

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