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In other news…

… 2 pretty awesome things are unfolding at the moment – even in the midst of my chaos – I have been selected as a nominee for our local Business Woman of the Year awards. Judging happens on Thursday at around lunch – so if you can, think of me then, as I am grilled by a panel of judges. I have had the hair done, and booked an appointment for a blow dry (I am useless at my own hair!) and am mulling over outfits. Immediately after the interview I have a filmed interview, which they might use on the night of the awards – I do not know what to wear!!!! Argh!  It’s at times like this that I look at my wardrobe and wonder… What will it look like on camera, does it make me look fat, does the colour work for me? Argh! Decisions, decisions. I also need to start thinking about this interview and the kind of questions I am going to get thrown at me. The finances of my business are simple – money in, overheads, medical insurance, profit; the business side is fairly straightforward – patient interactions, assessing risks, delivering babies and making gynaecological decisions; and the there is all the other stuff… Might need to get some coaching from my chief whip, BC!

Then , the other thing, I have just heard that I have been selected to go to an OBGYN congress in Spain in September – a slight overlap with our trip to Scotland, so I think I can make it work. I’m so chuffed, I was put forward for a trip to Hamburg earlier this year, and they elected to send a colleague from the neighbouring city, not me, so I was a bit sad. But here we go! Madrid I’m coming for you! (and then you, Scotland, you’re next!)


  halberts2014 wrote @

So how can you be such a bad person that people defame and then be nominated as business woman of the year. Hmm, me thinks someone is making crap up. “Jealousy makes you nasty” springs to mind.
Well done on this achievement and good luck planning for your overseas trips.
Passport in hand, off you go then

  Surita Greyling wrote @

Well done…

  nyamazela wrote @

Ups and downs my friend! Feel them all fully, then put on the kettle or go for that run, text me, write, squeeze your gorgeous daughter, and go wherever you find your happy place. Congrats for the accolades and we look forward to catching up in the northern hemisphere!

  Deblet wrote @

Congratulations. Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in and you will be awesome. Trip sounds great would love to go to Spain maybe next year for us.

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