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…is coming (cue the GOT theme music)

Damnit – getting up at 4:30 is getting tougher! I am struggling! Saying that though, I do get a bit of a smug feeling, heading out in the dark, which kind of cacoons one, and getting my run done. Not sure what it’s like in your neck of the woods, but the roads are quite busy at the moment, with all the Comrades runners getting their last bits of milage in. Once June hits, I think the roads will be a lot quieter and that feeling I get will be magnified. But it doesn’t mean that it’s easier to get up in the cold and dark!


  halberts2014 wrote @

Brrrrrrrrr, although I’m up at 5 I can’t imagine actually going out and getting these old bones moving. Big Ups, you runners are something else

  charliesbird wrote @

Ja, but we sweat when we run, so nice and hot afterwards! Jokes aside, it is always a toughie!

  runnermum wrote @

I just can’t get myself out of bed for a morning run when it is cold and dark. Luckily I now have the excuse that I have to stay home with Zoe 🙂

  charliesbird wrote @

It really is my only time, and I feel so much better for it. 2-3 days of no running, my legs are stiff and sore, my mood is in the toilet. I just hate running in the evenings!

  Deblet wrote @

Roads are busy here lots running in evenings with headlights on

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