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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Party update

…ok, so I must give you guys an update on the party planning.

Paintwork – TJ is working on the Photo Booth, and Captain Hook’s ring toss – paint jobs are almost complete. We intend to get onto the sign post tomorrow evening.

Sewing – I am still cutting out bunting; and need to make some Peter Pan hats for the adult helpers – so that we are identifiable. I am half way done with Thandi’s Wendy Darling costume, and then will get onto Charlotte’s Tinkerbell one. I need to check my runners for the table – I may need a second one.

Foodie things – for the goodie bags/take home treats – consol bottles have been bought, green and white sweeties are being procured. I have green and white jelly beans, white marshmallows and now need another green sweetie – trying to find the Haribo frogs in my neck of the woods is proving challenging! (if anyone feels like sending me some – shout!) Sugar Crystals are growing – I hope I will have enough! We have plans for fudge/smudge/popcorn/biscuits/sandwiches/cupcakes and the cake. The ever awesome TAFKAD has made the figurines for the cake – I cannot wait to put it all together!

Activity planning – tiny bottles and coloured sand are ready for the ‘Make your own Pixie Dust’ activity. Sure to be a hit! The plank is ready for the kids to walk and the treasure chest needs it’s lid so that it can be buried!

So, on track, I think. I will try to post a few pictures as we go along, just don’t have any nice ones today.



  runnermum wrote @

Send me a photo of what you need and I’ll try and source it. We have a big cash and carry around the corner that may have it.

  charliesbird wrote @

Ah, thanks, I’m checking one last spot today, if no luck, I’ll inbox you! Mwah!

  Deblet wrote @

Sjoe wee sounds like it’s going to be an awesome party.Good luck with all the prep.

  MamaCat wrote @

Sounds like fun. I decided I am going to start my sewing early, as I feel too crazy closer to the party date. I have been having fun pinning stuff.

Please tell us how you make your sugar crystals.

  charliesbird wrote @

I’ll do a post with pictures and method – this time has worked the best!

  halberts2014 wrote @

Gosh, you are making me feel really lazy. I’m not half as creative and so often I get the party planners to do it.
I can’t wait for the end pics. Going to be a blast

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