Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Here we go!

…May is here! Yay! I can’t wait to settle back down into some kind of routine. It’s going to be a busy month, but I am going to rock it!

The weekend was good. I have hit a bit of a low, so I have been trying to take control over the few things I can control – like the house. Since I am at work for such long hours, I am seldom in the house, and seldom there to monitor and supervise; and I realised last week that we are descending quickly into chaos! So I am starting to fight back against that. I have finally dispatched some thing I decluttered, which were sitting in my study, waiting to go ‘somewhere’. Next I need to scan Thandi’s art projects and finish her last 2 school year photo books, so I can sort out the huge pile of art in my study; then that area will be more or less sorted.

Downstairs, I am slowly chipping away at the clutter in the kitchen and scullery, I think I may just be starting to make some inroads. It seems like a never ending task – why does my family have to eat and drink and make a mess every day? It just seems unreasonable. Once I’ve just done a big clean up we must cook again! Flip! Next challenge will be the garden – I think I need to find a gardening service – not just one that mows, but one that weeds, plants and maintains the beds – not sure they exist. Charlie recently dispatched our last gardener, who really was hopeless; and I really would love someone who knows what they are doing this time!

And I really have discovered a love for sewing – I finished all 25 aprons this weekend for the Games Day, and TJ and I worked on Thandi and Charlotte’s costumes for book day – they are both going as the Magic faraway tree – a tree costume is a challenge, but I think we won! I will post pictures on Thursday. I loved quietly sitting at he sewing machine – problem solving things, learning so much! I also really got to remember my mom a lot – yes tears poured down my face occasionally, sobs would sometimes bubble up when I wasn’t expecting them, but there was some kind of therapy there. I think I now want to learn how to sew stretchy fabrics, so will see if I can find some nice tutorials on line.

Up next though, before I can get to that – Birthday Party Planning – less than a month to go and we must host a party for a new 6 year old! Neverland!


  halberts2014 wrote @

Ugh, hate that clutter. It’s good to have a clean out but the empty spaces fill up way to fast again.
I never thought of scanning the art projects. Usually they lie about in my in tray and then I eventually chuck them. Is that bad? I’m not too sentimental about them. There are simply too many.
We have had our same Gardener for 16 years and he does help ease the load. He is very trustworthy.
Gosh, party planning. Got ours in July.
Good luck

  Deblet wrote @

Clutter makes me very anxious so having unpacked our kitchen,TV room,study,braai room and dining room with the renovations I finally m almost back to normal just the dining room left. Have a load of boxes filled with stuff for donation just can’t get the person to commit to collecting or me.dropping off.
Party sounds like going to be fun love planing parties.Good luck.

  MamaCat wrote @

I agree with you on clutter. I need a sense of order and clutter in the house seems to damage my sense of order.
I love party planning and I look forward to seeing your pictures.

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