Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Mission accomplished

…and now for the next one.

So this weekend I managed to get almost everything I planned to do done – 5 dress up aprons left to make, 19 almost completely done – I just need to trim loose threads and burn edges of the ribbons, I’m very pleased with what I got done!

The Rapunzel and Elsa aprons (with the cutest model!) I have also made Snow White and Belle. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sewing, but I have sat with tears streaming down my cheeks as I miss my mom.  You see, it was her machine, and she was a genius with things like this. There never is enough time, is there? I try desperately to hear her in the buzz of the machine as I zoom up and down seams, and all I can hear is to slow down, count to 10 and smile. But I wish I knew what to do with my Dad. He seems worse again since we got him back from my brother’s home. Oh mom…

I ran my 10km on Saturday – my legs laughed at me when I said we’re running up a hill, in fact my quads collapsed in a heap on the tar and would not listen to my brain at all! So I was slower than I hoped and I was totally bleak when I saw that my time was 60:07. 7 damn seconds!!!!! Oh well, I will use the excuse that I was still in recovery and trust that I get faster next time I do a 10. RM, I have no idea how you faced lacing up for 50km when I could barely do 10.

While in CT I bought a copy of Disney Monopoly for us, and yesterday we cracked it open, and started up a round, introducing  Thandi to a whole new world of Sunday afternoons. It was great fun; although Charlie was a bit of a grumpasaurus when he was the first to declare bankruptcy. Hehe! The Disney version is really sweet, and you buy different characters instead of streets, build cottages and castles; there are castles instead of stations; and instead of chance and community chest cards there are bippity boppity boo and bear necessities cards, but the principles are all the same; and there is still that damn jail. But on the whole, far more appealing to Thandi than the traditional format. I think it was a hit!



  Surita Botha wrote @

I think my legs have just given up on me – and just endure until I stop – I ran another personal best on Saturday.

Your aprons are amazing – so so cute.

  charliesbird wrote @


  catjuggles wrote @

I didnt even know there was a Disney version!

  Deblet wrote @

The aprons are adorable well done.

  nyamazela wrote @

Well done busy birdie! Just thought you should know that there is now a Monopoly for Hull is commemoration of the city of culture award… I’m not sure what is considered the best real estate, but I think it’s pretty funny!

  Alexandra wrote @

Aprons are amazing. I don’t know how you fit it all in.

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