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A week in the Cape

…and 56km on Saturday.

Guys!!! I did it!!!I have now joined my brothers as a finisher of the Two Oceans Ultra! I am so happy! But OMV, it’s far! very bloody far. It’s so weird – I thought I would do a lot of thinking about how it was the furthest I’d ever run – but the thought never actually crossed my mind – in Paris 2 years ago, I spent a lot of time thinking about that, (I’ve never run 30km before! I’ve never run 35km before! I’ve never run 40km before!) It was far, there were hills, I got over them, somehow it wasn’t as horrible as I suspected it could be. I’ll do a bit of a blow by blow report for you (the runners among you, because I know it’s incredibly boring for the non runners, but there will be pictures!) in the coming days. But there you go, I am an ultra marathoner!

The week in CT was great – nice to see friends, taste wine, eat some exotic food. Not so nice to have a headache turn into a ingrain that had me vomiting on the wednesday and doubting I would ever get to the start line. Cape Town is really a beautiful city to holiday in. The winelands, the mountains, the scenery… But living there is, I think, a tough call. There are severe water restrictions in place – showering was reserved for sweaty days, no bathing, and buckets in showers and all those sorts of measures are in place. The traffic is insane! The number of people and the crowds are insane – I am not a crowd kind of person!

I got to meet Deblet and catch up with RM while I was there, what a treat! But we very foolishly forgot to take a photo – bad bloggers! So even though there is no evidence, we met, drank coffee and laughed a lot, with a tinge of crazy (runner’s) nerves! It is so nice getting to meet my friends out of the computer in real life – it’s like using windscreen wipers and seeing their blogs so much more clearly now! Thanks guys!

Some pictures!


  halberts2014 wrote @

I love how you describe seeing the “bloggies” more clearly after meeting them
Great pics, can’t wait for more

  Deblet wrote @

Congrats on finishing.
Was great to meet you

  runnermum wrote @

Congratulations – what an achievement.
It was so so great to see you guys.

  mypaceoflifeblog wrote @

Congratulations! Fantastic achievement

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