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Of shuffling and quaking

…flip, is the planet mad at us? or were those tremors in JHB and surrounds the ancestors turning in their graves collectively at the thought of what is going on in our beautiful country. For the first time ever, I’m starting to wonder if I have been naive about my future, and my family’s? I’m so worried about what may happen. I know it doesn’t really help to worry about things I can’t change personally, but when these things affect my quality of life and the quality of Thandi’s future, I do. Oh man!

Is there anybody with integrity and a backbone left in our ruling party? I guess the next few days will tell us.

I have to say though, I’m not quite sure what to hope for – as the Afrikaans idiom goes – die koel is deur die kerk – what’s done is done. Whether our self enriching dictator goes now or not, we are in for a protected time of difficulties – economic downturn, recession, poverty. Even if we have a complete turn about in government and cabinet, a new president – the damage is done.

Too depressing for words. I guess we need to surround ourselves with positive thinkers, visionaries, who believe as much as I do in the South African magic – its ability to rise again – beating all odds. The problem is there are so few of us left now…



  halberts2014 wrote @

Well said. Someone mentioned on line that the tremors in JHB were Nelson Mandela and Uncle Kathy turning in their graves. I wonder why Desmond Tutu has been so quiet? I think of him as our countries last leader with morals.

  nyamazela wrote @

My dear Birdie – a brave soul and a true one! I do sometimes wonder what on earth we will face next – the world seems to have gone bananas. Both my nations seem to be teetering on the verge with bad decisions and economic ruin. We must just put one foot in front of the other and soldier on – doing our bit – even if it only makes a difference in one life. I’ll be praying for your big run on the weekend. Have a super time!

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