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Hey, hey! I did it! Slowly, but surely, I ran that damn marathon that foiled me last year. I made it to the start, and I crossed the finish line – in enough time to qualify for the 2 Oceans ultra. (although I remain unconvinced about my desire to run another 14km after the marathon mark!) And while it wasn’t the fastest of times, and I am E seeded, I still get to run the same course my super speedy friends and fellow athletes will run, and I will hopefully cross that same finish line.

The run itself was interesting. The first 21km were comfortable, and I felt good. I was surprising myself. At that halfway mark I had a little mental moment, had a walk and a race food bar, pulled myself together and got going again. I went nicely until about 32km, when I was struggling with how far it still was to go; and at this time I was starting to watch the clock. The course has a mean sting in the tail over the last 7km with 3 horrible horrible hills – 1 very steep, 1 long and gradual (which is usually fine, but not so fine on tired legs) and then the finish up a short sharp little hill to the club. I knew I had to give myself an hour for those last 7km, and fortunately I hit that target, so I knew I was in the money. All I will say is that those felt like the longest 7km I have ever run! The cherries on the top of the run for me, as I approached the long gradual climb, TAFKAD who had finished the half was there to give me a cheer and a pep talk,’Go babe! And chase the sub 5 bus, he’s just over there!’; and then on that final approach to the club, 3 of my running buddies walked down, found me and jogged up that hill with me – carrying me over the line into my family’s arms. It took me a while to feel proud, rather than exhausted, but I am so happy that I had the mental (and physical) strength to get to that start line, and cross that finish line, within my goal time.


  runnermum wrote @

Well done! The pain stays the same whether it is 42 or 56 or 89! šŸ˜‰

You can do it!

So proud of you especially because of your mom – mental anguish has such a big impact on your physical performance.

See you in Cape Town…

  halberts2014 wrote @

OMG, so much admiration for you runners. I can’t even run around the block. Hard work and determination on tired little legs.
You did it ! Well done !

  TAK wrote @

super proud of you!

  TAFKAD wrote @

TAK? Who the blazes?

  nyamazela wrote @

SUPERGIRL!!!! You inspire me!

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