Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Wild Womening

…guys, in 2 more sleeps I depart for the Wild Women on the Run 2017 adventure! I am the team doctor, and have been sorting out all my medical kit, getting my running stuff sorted too and am so looking forward to 4 days of Wild Coast running and cavorting! Bring it on!

In other news, I did a speed session this morning, and it seed to be better than before, my shin, that is, not so much my tortoise speed. I am getting it strapped tomorrow, and then I am A for Away!

Charlie is coming along as the sherpa/bolly boy (he said he’d smack me if I called him that, so I am using it repeatedly at home!) (A Bolly Boy is the guy who transports our kit and serves us our bolly (bubbly) on our arrival at our various destinations!) It’s a bit of a thing, and he has had some instructions – I am on this as a Wild Women, not as Charlie’s Bird, so I get to play with my friends, with no raising of eyebrows or rolling of eyes, gnashing of teeth. There’s going to be oestrogen – a lot of it! But it is kinda nice knowing that he is there, tootling along too.

Anyway, if anyone feels inclined to sponsor me, give me a shout – (this email address will disappear in 2 days, so do it now!) We raise funds for African Angels (a local school) and Busfare Babies (a midwife offering cost effective deliveries to rural moms).

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Enjoy Wild Women!

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