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…so watching the Ironman in my home town this weekend got me thinking. You really do see all sorts of people out there – lean and mean muscular machines, athletic types, weekend warriors in good nick and then there are the warriors in loud trisuits, that do nothing to hide their dietary indiscretions – BUT, they are all there, doing the same triathlon on the same route and in the same heat. And I guess that once again, it was a good reminder to me, who (yet again) feels like a fake runner, that it does take all sorts to make the world go round, all sorts to compete in an event. And that not everyone is winning the race and the prize money; but they are all fighting those demons in their heads, and getting out there and doing it.

So, time to pull myself together, and get out there and bloody run; bugger what the rest of the field thinks of me (even if they are laughing at me behind their hands).

(Please note, the attitude adjustment may not last, but I am tri-ing)

(and no, I won’t be doing a triathlon – I do not have the time to do enough running, let alone train 3 disciplines!)

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  catjuggles wrote @

So very true! I always stand in utter amazement at them

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