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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

My Mama

…turns 80 next month. Her health has deteriorated so, that I am increasingly aware of possible lasts. It’s very sad, but it’s also not nice to see her so sad and tired and sore. I miss my mommy.

Anyway, in preparation for this birthday I am busy collecting her recipes into a photo book. I am loving paging through her old handwritten recipe books, seeing the little notes

  • this one is gorgeous.
  • scrummy.
  • made this one for dinner with Clive.
  • from so&so from Ida – a light cake. They had the camp next to us at Ntlonyana.
  • made for Round Table – fed 20.

There are the letters that people wrote, agreeing to hand over their recipes after birthday parties, christmas parties and such. And I have even managed to pinch her mom’s book, my Granny Nat’s recipe’s. I never knew her, she died shortly after my parents were married, and that is ask very very special. I’ve heard her voice once on the record that was made for my mother’s 21st birthday – voice notes of the 50’s; and now I have her recipe book. It’s like I am getting a glimpse of who she was. Wonderful according to my mother, a battle axe from my father (but then a son-in-law should say that about his mom-in-law, not so?)

Agh, it’s all so bittersweet. Excuse me while I sort out this mascara that is running…

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  nyamazela wrote @

Happy birthday Aunty D! Friday night suppers at your house were a treasure!

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