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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Mom&Daughter Date

…so yesterday, after the complete chaos of the preceding few days with pop up restaurants and training runs, I took Thandi on a little date. We headed off to the movies in the afternoon, and got to see the delightful fliek, Ballerina. If you have a girl child, go and see it. We loved it. It tells the story of 2 little orphans who escape from an orphanage in Brittany and run to Paris, where Felicia wheedles her way into a dance class at the Paris Opera and Victor gets a job working for Gustav Eiffel, while he builds both the tower and the Statue of Liberty. (Thandi loved seeing the landmarks we’d seen almost 2 years ago) Felicia’s cheating ways are uncovered and she is dispatched back to the orphanage, but has a triumphant return to Paris and the Opera.

My little lady loved it, and I love that she is a softy like her mom. She was uncomfortable with the orphanage idea, I could tell, and when the Baleerina was banished back to the orphanage, she had to come and climb up on my lap, and shed  quiet tears into my shoulder. I teared up, sharing this special little moment with her… She had had a busy weekend (as had I), and it kind of felt like our world took a deep breath. In the dark, in the quiet, with the rustle of the popcorn box between us, I counted my enormous blessing.

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  MamaCat wrote @

So sweet! It is such a good idea to make this special time with the littlelees.

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