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Goal shooting

I know I am a bit late to this game, but I thought I’d out my goals down here for 2017, so I can be a bit more accountable to you all.

  • I want to be a better, more present wife to my Charlie. Work stole so much of me last year, that there was seldom much left for him and Thandi. And this aside from the hormonal issues I have, which has lead me to have my own private tropical jungle climate and very little patience for the poor man. So I really want to get better at putting my mobile devices down, relaxing into his arms on the couch, and appreciating the amazing man I am married to.
  • I want to run with more enjoyment this year. I have battled with sticking to a consistent training schedule this last while, which means I end up doing some panicked training before events, land up with injuries; neglect my cross training and gym work and therefore lots of my running has been through gritted teeth, wishing it would end. I want to feel like I did after the Paris marathon – fit, healthy and fun!
  • I want to be able to demonstrate more self control in terms of my diet. I am not putting numbers to it, but I need to head back to where I was with eating more real food, more things I have made myself, so I know whats in them, not bought, processed stuff. (she says all this eating another chocolate biscuit – homemade though!)
  • I will have some more order to my house! The chaos is starting to overwhelm me; and while I have done a lot while sorting out Thandi’s room, and my scullery (throwing away things last week, that this week I want – grrr!) there is still a lot to do!

Ok, I think that’s enough for now. I will try to check in every now and again and be accountable.


  MamaCat wrote @

I love these very real, doable goals. On the wife-hubby thing, we are trying very hard here. It is so easy to take each other for granted when life happens.
I take it one room at a time and give myself a time limit. So that after that time has run out, you can stop and create another for fixing chaos.

  TAFKAD wrote @

Good list xo

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