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…the gift of 2017.

SO Christmas has come and gone, and despite my rather crotchety last post, somehow the magic did get me in the end, and I had the mock wonderful time with my family. Maybe I’ve grown up, maybe I’ve learnt to cope with my expectations a bit better, but it was wonderful; relaxed and special. My girl is completely enthralled by the mysteries of Santa, and we had Mungo, the house elf (yes, we have an elf on the shelf) visit us for the week in the run up to Christmas, which really heightened the anticipation. Mungo was awesome though, he brought her some cool gifts – he magicked her duvet into a Christmas one, brought her special Christmas PJ’s on Christmas eve and some exciting Christmas story books. img_7772 img_7810 img_7730

Then the main event, and she was thoroughly spoilt – rollerblades! (and she is getting them right, with much protective gear!) img_7854dsc_0033dsc_0106dsc_0111dsc_0128 Our day was hot and busy, but great fun!

The aftermath of Christmas had us having a few quiet days, although I was on call, but we managed to relax and just be, which we seldom do. We spent some time at the beach house with the family, which was great, making some special memories. I got to spend some time with my old buddy – we had a gorgeous run through the burbs and across the beach – so divine! img_7891 And work really wasn’t too pestilential!

Anyway, all good things must come to an end. My eldest brother left and then his daughter turned 18, and got her IEB matric results on the same day. Well, there was much celebrating, because she did very well. She is off to UCT next year, I cannot wait to watch her blossom and grow. My younger brother leaves today, his daughter has to wait for the regular matric results on the 5th, 2 more sleeps. She is awaiting a place at a medical school, and I am just so excited for her too! It is wonderful seeing what lovely girls they are, and seeing them be rewarded for the hard work they have put in at school. I am blessed with awesome nieces and a nephew!

New year saw us start the day helping at a school in the lallies, painting classrooms, planting trees and getting things ready for the new year – a great lesson for my child! And then after cleaning up, it was off to a fun pool party at a friend’s place – we swam and tanned and laughed and giggled in the sun, intending to go home early; instead, we very nearly accidentally saw in the new year, making it home at 11pm, so we could get tucked up in bed just in time. Unfortunately we live near the local stadium, and there was a huge party hosted there, which went on until well after sunrise! It didn’t matter, we were in good spirits! img_7922

I am going to try to approach this year with a better attitude than last year – 2017 will be my gift from the universe. I am going to have a spectacular one! And that is my wish for you too, my beautiful friends in the computer!



  nyamazela wrote @

Happy new year dear friend. I wish you: purpose, adventure, belly laughs, a visit to the UK, good running, happy blogging, success in work, love in family, delicious wine tasting, good rains, some good opportunities to read a book and frosting on top!

  halberts2014 wrote @

All the best for 2017

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