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Rainy days

…ah, the weekend here was glorious, lots of soft soaking rain – I love that! You could almost hear the gardens singing. We really are fortunate in my neck of the woods, over the last few years, while so many other places are drought stricken, here in my corner we have had good rains that have kept us sustained. The farmers, I know could do with a bit more, but we here at the seaside we’ve had adequate.

The weekend seemed to go by so quickly – work, the Christmas function and then the great wallpaper exercise. That was tricky! Neither myself not Charlie had ever put up wallpaper ourselves, so we called on Pops, who I remember papering our walls in our old house. Phew it was quite a job. I actually have a few questions for the company that I am going to email through to them today – there was a pattern on the paper, and they ‘customise’ it for your walls. Once we had all the sheets lined up, we had to make quite big overlaps to achieve the picture, which felt wrong. Most other papers you line up the edges without overlapping.. I know they hurried my job, because they missed my payment and they were running out of time, so I am not sure if this was supposed to be like that, or if they ‘forgot’ to trim the edges? (on an aside, and I’m trying to keep positive, because it looks amazing, but given the price I paid, I feel like it should have been perfect for our room, which given that you send them dimensions, it goes to a designer and they custom print it, it really should be…)

I will post pictures once the room is complete, but I think it’s going to be amazing!

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  halberts2014 wrote @

PE so needed the rain this weekend, especially since half of PE was in flames earlier in the week.
Wallpapering sounds like so much effort. In England it was very posh to wallpaper 😉

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