Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

TGIF again

…although a working weekend doesn’t really offer the same kind of relief as a real friday, but we will try our damnedest to chill this weekend anyway. Staff Christmas function is on tomorrow evening and that is about all that is planned! Phew!

Then, I can’t remember if I mentioned, we are moving Thandi to the slightly bigger spare bedroom this holiday, so I have had a chance to really let my creative juices run, and yesterday the wallpaper I had ordered arrived. I cannot wait to get it up onto the walls! (something else to work on this weekend!) And her new furniture should arrive early next week, and then we are almost ready to make that move across. The only real challenge is the declutter and tidy up that has to happen. (the biggest task this weekend!)  I hope to put together lots of things that we can donate on, so Thandi can appreciate all that she is blessed with. Once it is all put together I will post some pictures, I think it’s going to be super!

My leg, after a lot of treatment at the chiropractor and Bowen therapist is starting to feel a lot better. My rehab continues and I hope then to get my milage up again (it’s been 2 dismal weeks…) Hopefully I get some shorter runs in this weekend…

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