Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…was really not a pleasant day. My achey head and burny light sensitive eyes lingered all day. A trip to the dentist to repair a crack in my tooth. A rush around the revolting shops (is it just me, or is Decemeber really the pits when it comes to shopping?) and then a mad rush to get Thandi ready, prepare a picnic , fetch my parents, get to the music concert, only to discover I had left the wine glasses…

But that was yesterday, and this is today. I have a confession. Hi, my name is Charlie’s Bird and I am addicted to caffeine.  (Hi Birdy!) A quick coffee while prepping the picnic saw my headache start to disappear. Hmmm… I will need to remedy this, but not right now.

The weekend is ahead of me, and I can’t wait! I am not on call, have a few things lined up, including supper with my cousin tomorrow, our december photo shoot and Thandi has a few parties!

If you are inclined and want to know more about what Runnermum and I got up to in Oudtshoorn, catch us on TV, Supersport8 at 7pm tonight!


  halberts2014 wrote @

Blegh, I hate the shops at any time of year, and really, Black Friday did not appeal to me at all.
What once cured my migraine was a nice big bowl of pasta and 2 Blackcurrent hooches, hehe.
I don’t get the caffeine rush but maybe that’s because we only have one cup in the morning, just to have something to drink. I think I’m one of those who isn’t affected by all those caffeine loaded energy drinks either.
Yay! ! Picnic ! !
Don’t have DSTV so I will have to miss your TV appearance. How exciting that must’ve been

  Alexandra wrote @

It could have been worse e.g. no cork screw (but it’s borderline because I hate drinking wine out of anything but glass).

I generally only have one cup of coffee a day but if I don’t have it, I tend to be grumpy and slightly headachy 😮

Hope your television appearance makes it to youtube – I don’t have television.

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