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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…are what I am running on. Yoh! I feel like I am out of gas. And every morning, I wake up, wondering if I am going to get through this day, but (this week) I’ve pulled up my panties, thrown on my running shoes and hit that tar. I am, today, feeling shattered. It doesn’t help that my entire practice is away – 2 are at a congress, 1 is at a graduation in Edinburgh – so I am it. In other words the weekend on call is looming.

In more exciting news, this weekend is also our book club Christmas function, and we are having a bit of a cook off. I’m not sure who remembers that BBC show Ready, Steady, Cook, Ainsley hosted it – 2 teams – red tomatoes, green peppers and a bag (or in our case, box) of mysterious ingredients; and from that box, with a basic pantry, we will have to produce 2 courses. Our husbands and our cheffy friend, who is providing the boxes, will judge the best meals. It’s a bit like the master chef Mystery Box challenge. So here’s hoping we have some fun with that. I am sure with wine (not for the on call me though) and much laughter we will have a blast!

Enjoy your weekends, you beautiful people!

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  nyamazela wrote @

Hi Birdie! Trusting you are already deep in cook-off frenzy. May the best bookish-chef win and may all enjoy fellowship, wine and lots of laughs!

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