Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

What helps

…by the end of yesterday I have a severe case of the grumps. I have an huge amount of admin and stuff on my plate at the moment, and despite being a fairly organised person I don’t have a to-do list as such. I know what’s on the horizon for the next few weeks, and it is hectic! By the end of yesterday I had paid bills, put in orders for Salut, begged for sponsorship for Wild Women (any ideas anyone, on generous corporates?), seen patients, worked on the teacher gift for my daughter’s class. Flip, no wonder I was tired and grumpy yesterday.

But today, today, everything looks rosier! yay! And the reason was witnessing a gorgeous pinking of the early morning sky this morning, on my way to a tough speed session. My word it was hard! But oh, my, the endorphin rush has been amazing! I feel unbeatable. (which is really hysterical, because the speed demons I run with all finished each stride way ahead of me, except the 200’s, those I managed to keep respectable)

SO i wish I could share some of these delightful endorphins with you all, but I can’t, so I send you great wishes for a fab day!

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