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FDT 2016

…what an event! What a run! What sore toes I have!

Ah, once again, an extremely well organised event by the Dryland crew took place over this last weekend. We headed down to Oudtshoorn on Thursday, registered and got ready for the prologue…

The prologue is an amazing event – we get to run through the Cango Caves – for about 1km, then it’s a tough, HOT 7 more km back to the campsite.   img_7019

Day 1 dawned, clear and warm. the route took us from half way up the Swartberg pass, and then onto the hiking trails of the area. Last year on this day, the weather was terrible – cold, windy, rainy. So while the weather was better, the terrain was as brutal as before, tough, tough, tough! I had a bit of a hissy fit half way through the 27km, I didn’t think I could do it, didn’t want to do it, but then I managed to pull myself together, and get going again. Phew. We even negotiated a very technical descent and made it home with egos intact, and sore feet… Stupidly I forgot to put sunscreen on, so although I managed to heist some from another competitor, but still landed up with the worst farmer’s tan!img_7027

Day 2 was a day I was more confident about, but found it to be tougher than I recalled. And my feet were very sore, so I was battling to throw myself at the trail again, and found it slower going than I anticipated. We ran from the Rus en Vrede waterfall, around the Raubenheimer dam, through some stunning farmlands and then back home.img_7053

That evening there was a fun beach party – we remembered to dress up this time, but didn’t stay too long, because the girls needed to get to bed. I ended up having a really bad night, if I slept more than 3 hours, it was a lot; and when morning came, I felt terrible – tired, dead legs – I can only think I didn’t take enough replacement in during my recovery.

So day 3, the one I was looking forward to, was extremely tough for me. I couldn’t get my legs to cooperate, and felt completely flat. But thanks to a great partner this year, who dragged me up the hills I made it! I could hardly believe that I did and the relief was immense! img_7089

Highlights of the weekend were meeting runnermom img_7055– that mamma can run; having my daughter run over the line with me every day; seeing Charlie at the finish line and completing the challenge! Phew!



  runnermum wrote @

It was good to finally meet you! It was so hectic we didn’t even get time to chat properly.
I can relate to those sore toes, not to mention dirty!!!
I’m really going to try my utmost to go back next year.

  halberts2014 wrote @

Such suckers for punishment, hehe. Well done, hope the tootsies are resting up.
Yay on meeting Runnermum. Hope you gave her a massive hug from us all

  nyamazela wrote @

Super, Super, uber proud of you Birdie-girl! You felt the pain and came close to giving up, but you nyamazela’d on! Soak those pretty toes, my friend and smile down on them – they’re your battle scars!

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