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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Fate tempted

…argh! Just after my burst of positivity yesterday and my promise to be happier and smile more, fate came and smashed me kinda down last night. The Labour department is auditing my deli tomorrow – and even when things are all in order, I still feel a bit like a criminal, and am ready for them to throw me in jail for something I didn’t even know I’d done or omitted to do. Flip…

Then my precious Noxy, who is really a part of the family, after having worked with us for almost 7 years, told me she needs to move out and be a live outer from next year, which just doesn’t work at all for us! I need a live in person, because there are times I get called in the middle of the night, when Charlie may not be available; and weekends are a priority when I am on call; so live out is just not feasible for our family. And if there is no compromise from her, then I will have no choice but to find someone else…So I spent the evening in tears thinking about what may happen, and how I will one day break the news to Thandi…

Anyway, I trying hard to not let tears well up this morning,focussing on happy thoughts – I am going to my first dancing lesson this evening! Yay! Salut deli is ONE YEAR OLD!


  halberts2014 wrote @

Blegh, just remembering a line from the good old Terminator movie “Fate is what you make it”
Good luck with the audit. I’m going to google your deli now. Yummy

  charliesbird wrote @

we’re on Facebook – Salut Deli!

  nyamazela wrote @

Congrats to Salut Deli… pants to the situation with Noxi. Praying that it will all resolve itself soon. Keep looking for those belly laughs.

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