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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Laughing more

…I’ve been doing some thinking (again, I know); I had 2 experiences this weekend where I had some really good belly laughs; one was while babysitting the most junior ballet dancers on Friday night, with a mom that I don’t really know; and the other was on the beach with a mate on Sunday. And it felt great! My life has been an all consuming tough of late, with not enough belly laughs. I used to be so happy-go-lucky; until someone scowled at me when I greeted them in a passage and asked why I was always smiling. The comment was made some 17 years ago, but has lingered with me. I am slower to smile; slightly more reluctant to make eye contact and greet people (whether I know them or not); and I definitely laugh less. But this weekend, despite Charlie’s raised eye brow, I resolved to laugh more, smile more freely again and just embrace the happiness where I can. It makes for a much brighter me!



  nyamazela wrote @

Looking forward to a few belly laughs with you in December, Birdie!

  Charlie wrote @

What what ! It must have been a Spock impersonation you were seeing …..

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