Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


..the week. So far, all good. I am pleased to announce that they have relaxed the rules on the absolutely no eating, not ever in the dance costumes debacle, and the children are now allowed to eat ‘clean’ food, that doesn’t mess. So less of the hangry kid thing happening – she’s still exhausted and a bit irrational after a performance, but not starving too. Tonight is opening night, here’s to broken legs!

In other news after 2 runs which really didn’t go very well (one afternoon session, which I generally hate, and one bugged with tummy cramps), I did a tough hill session this morning, and survived it! I am still smiling after the endorphin rush! It was a gorgeous morning, we were running up a tough hill, and at the top, as we turned around, we could see the sun emerging in her full gloriousness over the horizon! Divine! (the wind is pumping now, so I am so glad I did it early!)

The pencils have arrived for the Halloween run handout – yes, I am the grinch of Halloween, anyone would swear I was a dentist – no sweets from my deli! And while I am totally ambivalent about the whole halloween thing, I am using the run as 3 000 marketing opportunities. And maybe I will score a few points with the parents!

Have good Thursdays, my friends!



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  halberts2014 wrote @

Yay on being allowed to eat. I would’ve thrown a tantrum also.
Wind is pumping PE style here too.
I think I might also have been a Grinch of Halloween. I’m not keen on dishing out sweeties, in lieu of having a “fat kid”. I would probably be handing out naartjies or some other kind of fruit

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