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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Ramping up

…the week. So yesterday I spent the day revelling in the sense of accomplishment of the weekend. And then last night, the week to come crashed into me…

Thandi is in another production at the local theatre – this time it’s ballet and the 12 Dancing Princesses. She has a minuscule role for all of about 3 minutes, and has had to attend very long drawn out rehearsals. Yesterday was the case in point – be at the theatre at 3pm, drama, hair, costumes, you can picture the scene; to discover when I arrived to fetch her at 6pm, that she had only graced the stage at 5:30! Seriously! A 5 year old sitting for 2 and a half hours? And she is ‘not allowed to eat in costume!’ 5years old, people! The poor kid. By the time it was home time, she was hungry, crying and moaning, and totally beside herself. And today we do it all again…

I also am supposed to be having my last week of intense training before I head off to my trail run, except, given this ballet, some of my time is being seriously curtailed! No running in the afternoons/evenings. Just something else to press my stress buttons!

And then this weekend is our town’s local Halloween Trick or Treat fun run. The deli is hosting a table, and we have to still design and produce our costumes, finalise our decor, and I am eagerly awaiting the handouts we have ordered – I’m the grinch of halloween and have decided to hand out pencils, not sweeties. Argh!

And all I want to do is sit quietly on the couch reading and working on some embroidery! Woe is me!


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  halberts2014 wrote @

Aw man, can imagine Thandi being totally frazzled. What a long, hungry day

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