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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Madagascar part 3

…so some observations about our holiday…

  • Madagascar is hot! I am very glad we went in spring, not summer. The days were typical coastal – mornings were stunning, hot and steamy (30+°C) , by lunchtime the wind picks up, then just as you think its too much, the sun starts to set, and the wind drops. We had quite frequent storms at night – hard and fast!
  • The mosquitoes scoff at South African repellants – I was bitten half way to malaria! So take those drugs!
  • The poverty is quite overwhelming.
  • The sea water is extremely salty!
  • My daughter was a wreck by the end of the holiday – the fish in the sea, along with their predators terrified her; the food was not familiar (fish twice a day, every day, most days), the sea burnt her eyes when we did coax her into the water (note to self: take swimming goggles next time, and the cheapy snorkelling kit from Sportsmans is useless!) But she is a trooper and made the most of it.
  • Sea legs are awesome, but land sickness is a bugger!
  • It is truly a paradise!
  • I can definitely praise the company who did all our bookings – – they were great!


  halberts2014 wrote @

LOL at the mozzies being so ferocious.
Poor Thandi, I agree, those cheap sets are exactly that, cheap. We got Liam a proper diving mask. He even wears it in the bath.
Part of me wants to got to that website and the other part of me says “who are you kidding”
Thanks so much for sharing

  Alexandra wrote @

Thank you for the advice 🙂 Looks like you had a most awesome holiday.

  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

ah well done trouper T- pant

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