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Madagascar part 2

…and so it was that all about a Saturday morning we were dropped off at Tsara Komba Lodge on Nosy Komba. The picture below is as we approached the lodge – you can just see the lodge popping out amongst the trees.


What luxury! We were welcomed on the beach by Xavier, and then since we had arrived very early, we relaxed on the deck with a welcome cocktail – and at this stage we trying to find our land legs! img_6509Once our rooms were ready, we all headed off for a shower and a refresh, which was divine! dsc_0391On the yacht, our bathrooms were tiny and we were limited to cold showers, which really wasn’t an issue, given the temperatures (rather glad we were there in Spring, not Summer!) but a luxurious long hot shower on land was delicious!

Then it was time to start to explore our incredible surroundings…

img_6513 Relaxing on a lounger on the swept beach, under a brolly of palm leaves, with a crisp white towel – watching the tide go out – could I be luckier?This day really was about relaxing, and desperately trying to find our land legs!

Sunday dawned, hot and still!After breakfast we retired to the deck built over the rocks img_6518img_2152 reading, relaxing, until the boys and the girls needed something to keep them busy – so off they went in a little canoe, to go and see if they could find the snorkelling reef, 3 bays away…img_2147 great fun!

Monday we had arranged a great excursion to Nosy Be – we visited LemurLand – a bit of a controversial spot, but where the Malagascy are making attempts to conserve their threatened lemurs, protect their chameleons and tortoises, and raise some funds from the tourists. The area incorporates a botanical garden, because Madagascar has huge diversity in climate – from tropical rain forests in the north to desert in the south – beautiful. There is also a ylang ylang distillery – Madagascar is the world’s largest supplier of ylang ylang for the perfume industry – and a rum distillery. img_2173 img_2188 img_2215 dsc_0411 the ‘field/orchard’ of ylang ylang trees, from which the local women harvest ripe flowers every day  dsc_0538the collection of flowers, getting prepared for distillation.

We were then taken to the sacred tree – it is a huge fig tree, ficus religiosa, and after being appropriately attired, we were walked around it, exploring the nooks and crannies.img_2230After a delicious lunch at Chez Lou Lou on the beach, we were taken to the highest point of the island – it was quite something to see the vocalic crater lakes and the 360° views across the bays…dsc_0559

Another 2 days were spent chilling on the beach, img_6673tanning on the deck, playing petanque, eating and drinking more than we should. The lodge had a french trained Malagascy chef, so we really ate the most incredible food! Although I will admit to fish and seafood fatigue…

On the Thursday we headed off on another excursion, this time accompanied by Raymond, one of the waiters, who is affectionately known as Raymond the Fish, and we were there to confirm that, when we watched him spearfish for our lunch!img_2276img_6637 We started in a tiny fishing village, where the gross poverty and inequality of Madagascar was very evident. The girls enjoyed the lemurs! img_2261Then after Raymond had successfully secured our lunch, we headed to a little deserted island, where they braaied those fish right on the beach for us, and served us a magnificent lunch on the beach.img_6651 Another little trip to see an enormous baobab tree and then we headed across the bay back to the lodge.img_2266

Another night, another cocktail…img_6689

Friday was a quiet day again, and one where I started to reflect a bit on our holiday, and what going back home was going to mean to me, and I have to say, the morbs arrived… Saying that we had a very special dinner that night on the deck over the rocks – beautiful crayfish for us, and a special pizza treat for the girls! Super special… img_6690 img_6696

Our last full day on the island was spent snorkelling at Nosy Tanikely again- it was amazing! I am a reluctant snorkeler, and even I was blown away by what we saw and did, and spent about 3 hours in the water! Incredible 15+m visibility – leopard shark, turtles, all kinds of fish. As I said in Part 1, gopro footage to follow! Loved, loved, loved it! A worthy end to our holiday!

And all too soon it was time to come home – What a beautiful place, what an awesome holiday!


img_6709 img_6699 img_6730


  halberts2014 wrote @

Awww, look at those sad faces.
Looks fabulous, I think I’ll be checking out the interweb for all of the names you mention. Hmm, wonder if we can go to Madagascar?????
Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics

  catjuggles wrote @

Sounds like the most incredible holiday! Many moons ago we had our honeymoon on the Comores where they also distill Ylang Ylang – was so interesting

  TAFKAD wrote @

Sorry, sympathy for sad faces will not be elicited after that post!! Looks so amazing.

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