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IRL vs online

…so yesterday I got to witness some of Charlie’s ‘friends’ at their best (insert sarcasm font) and it reminded me how lucky I am to have the friends I do! So, as he is prone to do, Charlie posted a little meme on Facebook (I know, I know) about conspiracy theorists; and oh boy, did the trolls come out to play.

14095972_1791675204405789_448593728839643111_n read the meme.

Well, the names he got called – ignorant, dickhead, sarcastic, smart ass. And these from so called friends? Seriously? And it got me thinking about how we respond to people on line; and say outrageous things that they possibly would never say to someone’s face. Whether we agree with them or not. Our home town got mocked; my profession, as it tends to, came in for a knock, but mostly people got quite personal and insulting with Charlie. I was amazed at my husbuddy’s control though – he never rose to the bait, he persistently just pointed out facts and issues with their arguments. I know, I really shouldn’t have paid much attention to the trolls, but I was caught up, watching his timeline, like a car crash that you cannot not watch. Oy vey!

But it brought to light, for me, a much deeper problem with our information overloaded society. Google is now our Encyclopaedia Brittanica, with no-one fact checking the publication. We all know that print journalism gets things wrong occasionally; and we all know that news agencies can be biased; but somehow, ‘because I read it on the internet’ is more than enough research. We surround ourselves with self proclaimed experts, liars and charlatans who have nothing but their own creepy agenda to fulfil. And yet so many people believe the hype.

I’m not suggesting one shouldn’t question, discuss and debate things, but I am suggesting one needs to be careful with beliefs, respectful of others and be wary of the trolls. ( I suggested last night that Charlie apologise nicely for trip trapping over their bridges, and waking them from their slumbers, but he wasn’t going for that.)


  halberts2014 wrote @

The internet is a scary place and I think depending on your state of mind or what you want to believe, whatever you are searching can be positive, if that’s want you WANT to see, or negative, if that is what WANT to see. Whatever works in your favour. Just this morning I googled at medicine to find out what it was and if it was necessary. I was so confused I just phone the pharmacist

  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

I was also muchos impressed with Big C’s seemingly infinite patience with the nonsense. The irony of that whole thing was that if I wanted to have a convo about any of those conspiracy theories, C would be on my list of the most well- informed people to have that conversation with. But the point of that meme is that the internet is a crazy place and crazy people can find what they’re looking for 😉 and it certainly dregdged up the crazy pretty quickly!

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