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Running update

…ok, so it’s been a long, unkind winter.Between work and illness and general life stress, running has largely fallen by the wayside. And it has been hard and disappointing to me.

School holidays arrived, my partner headed off on holiday – it was going to be a tough 2 weeks, but I can run with my phone, I thought I could do it. A sniffle started in my schnoz; I ran through it, at first. Then work got insanely busy – like insane! No sleep 5 out of 7 nights, no relief, my sniffle turned into something a whole lot worse. A course of antibiotics later, and I was not significantly better – in fact, I was decidedly worse. 2 weeks had passed, My partner did not return from his holiday as planned; more work… I was pushed far beyond my limits. the germs settled in, I didn’t improve. Another course of antibiotics, more medication, worrying about how ill I was and how I was not improving. Any attempts at running/exercise/training were just put on the back burner.

My partner returned, I tried to nurse myself back to health. My reserves were depleted. I could not seem to win. Finally the snot was abating; the tide was starting to turn. And then I leaned into the back of the car, and I got stuck. According to my physio I had tweaked the facet joint of vertebra C6. I was in agony – I couldn’t even breath deeply, let alone cough – which I still was doing. Treatment, more drugs and a day of bed rest. Another 2 weeks, and I was doing reasonably, still in pain, but far more manageable.

Work has also been unrelenting in this time – between the deli and the practice; school commitments, dance rehearsals – we are a family in crisis mode. And that is exhausting.

Move another 2 weeks along, the work situation has not really changed, but my health is 99% better. My back is still occasionally twingey, but I have started running again – slowly, gently with some hill training thrown into the mix; and I am feeling so much better about myself! So much better! And even though it is tough, even though I am slow and feeling unfit, it is good to be out there again, getting stronger, getting braver.

And I’d forgotten quite how therapeutic it is watching the sun come up; it’s beautiful…IMG_6100


  halberts2014 wrote @

Phew, hectic. We really push our bodies too far until they say “Woah, enough is enough” and give out completely.
Hope everything is on the mend now and you can ease up a bit

  MamaCat wrote @

Lovely to see a happy ending in sight, and you know you can do it, here is the proof.

  Leigh wrote @

You’ve got your mojo back! Yay

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