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Olympic musing…

…so, as the dust settles on the Olympics, I’ve stored up a few opinions, use them, don’t use them…

I have to begin by mentioning the Caster debacle. Kudos to this young, strong woman who ran the socks off those other competitors, claiming a well deserved gold. She is a gracious champion who has weathered a storm far more vicious than any of her competitors and emerged with dignity and GOLD! In terms of the medical stuff, i wish everyone would stop having an opinion. All we know is that she has elevated testosterone levels. We do not have any further diagnosis for her – not intersex, not internal testes, not hermaphroditism, not PCOS, nothing. Stop speculating people! The poor woman, she has been through so much, and this unnecessary discussion around her is driving me crazy. She is obviously a woman, she runs amazingly well, she won gold. End of story.

The the SASCOC debacle. As always, in South Africa, the politicians and administrators win, whilst our athletes loose.They elect not to take our hockey teams, teams that were both medal contenders; they fail to qualify or enter a men’s relay team and several; other track events; the ‘designer’ outfits left a lot to be desired – hot, constricting, unsuitable for the conditions in Rio (Caster looked like she was wearing a burka in comparison to her competitors); the lack of funds for those athletes – I mean really – expecting parents, friends and family to crowdsource funding – while they dined on the athletes’ dimes. It is time for a benevolent emperor to take over and put the right people in SASCOC, so that we become the powerhouse we are meant to be. For every Wayde, every Caster, every Luvo we see, how many others aren’t languishing hopelessly in our rural areas, never being seen, never being given the right opportunities. There is an awesome article on the the Daily Maverick today about funding – makes one think about things…

Anyway – I love the Olympics, much to my Charlie’s horror. I watch as much as I can, becoming an expert judge of and commentator on the most random of sports, I embrace this 2-3 weeks of sports. And now it’s all over, and I wait, roll on 2020!


  halberts2014 wrote @

DH and I were arguing about Caster just last night and Liam is on about Usain Bolt each time he sees a runner on the telly
Oooh, and I just cringe at the ouchies. You can’t watch but you simply have too

  nyamazela wrote @

Love your thoughts on this! I totally loved the olympics! Inspired. And yes please to the magnanimous emperor idea – can we have one in politics/leadership as well. I laughed about the ‘becoming an expert judge’ comment – my Hubby goes all Northern on me copying the Mancunian commentator’s northern English accent. Hope you have a super duper week, dear Birdy. Love to Charlie and Thands

  catjuggles wrote @

Oh I loved the Olympics – watched every bit I could and hugely happy for our athletes especially Caster who is always so dignified with the media. BTW I read an article about the forced medical examinations she had to have after the World championships way back and apparently there is internal testes and no uterus. To me all that is totally irrelevant. The Olympics is about the exceptional and what nature may have handed you that others do not have (Phelps feet and ankles for instance)

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