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Soul sisters

..ok, so, with much trepidation, and almost dread, I lined up with a motley crew of wild women on Saturday morning, ready to tackle 35km over beach and dune, cliffs and stones to our destination for the night. I had searched high and low for an excuse – too tired, too little training, didn’t feel like it,  new shoes, ominous looking weather, not enough friends; but none of them were acceptable, so I donned my big girl batman panties (you’ll see what I mean) and set off on this journey.

And what a journey it turned out to be. I cannot put into words quite what a transformation it has been. The run itself was a challenge, make no mistake I was grossly underprepared, but I buddied up with a friend, who felt as equally underprepared, and we held each other’s hands, caught up on years of history, discovered connections we never knew we had, and before we knew it, we were 20km in. I kept ticking off the park runs we had to do. The first 3 went fairly easily, and then we had to dig a bit deeper. We kept on being met up with by groups of the others, as they came past us, waited for us to catch them, and totally supported us on our journey. I ended the day with slightly tender joints, some muscles that knew they had been worked and tender shoulders – a mix between my back spasm of a week earlier and carrying a camelbak for the journey.


IMG_5891 IMG_5903 IMG_5897

I also ended the day with a deep satisfaction in my soul – so pleased I had tackled this journey, so pleased I had conquered it and not given up, so pleased I had rediscovered the sisterhood of wild women. I awoke on Sunday morning to crashing waves, crystal blue skies and a song in my soul. Ready to face another day of challenges.


I know my burn out is not gone, but I feel like I managed to stamp out some of the smouldering embers that were threatening to flare up and burn me again. And to my soul sisters who helped, I am forever in gratitude.


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  runnermum wrote @

Well done on running 35km’s. The mere idea at the moment makes me feel extremely tired…

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