Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…flip, I really don’t enjoy post call Mondays, especially when the weekend has been busy. 3 babies, mostly at inconvenient times, and a scary emergency this morning have me a little riled. As well as holding a friend’s hand who had a brain tumour excised this morning… Thanks Monday, that is quite enough from you! And it’s just gone lunchtime, with another labouring patient and a reception filling up with patients, whose needs override my need for a workout from my physio and a sleep, override my daughter’s need to have some quality time with her mommy; and Charlie’s need for a wife who can show more care than just getting herself dressed and to work. I will celebrate the small mercy of a public holiday not on call, and embrace all it’s fun – a visit to the family, some dance rehearsals; some baking with Thandi and then we see whatever is left of the day…

And in the spirit of Women’s Day, here in SA, tomorrow, let us remember what it is all about – women who marched against pass laws, who quietly and with great dignity protested,  like those incredible women on Saturday night who braved the ANC with all their condemnatory (female) officials and #rememberedKwezi. Let’s maybe make this a different kind of Women’s day, where we reach out to our sisters who have felt the violence and wrath of men in their most sacred spaces…

(I don’t even know if Rape Crisis as an organisation still exists, or if they have a branch in my neck of the woods – I’m going to find out, and see if I can offer them my support. #1in3 has to change)

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