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barely breathing

…so this honestly has been one of the toughest experiences of my career; and while the intense workload is now slightly eased, because my associate is now home again, I am going to take a significant amount of time to recover, I suspect. I developed a cold 2 weeks ago, which has unfolded into a delightful dose of Bronchitis, and I am feeling very washed out from it. so despite an ok weekend on call and a day off yesterday, I am still feeling very fragile.

My day off yesterday was quite special, in that it was just some me time! I came into work, sorted out a few things, then headed off to the gym, to attempt a run. I was feeling slightly nervous to hit the road, because I kept wondering if I coughed up a lung on the side of the road, would anyone stop to pick up the pieces? SO I decided to just do an easy run on the treadmill, which I managed – yay! It was a slow 45 min run, interspersed with lunges and squats and afterwards some stretches. I didn’t cough up much of my lungs, so all was good. Then it was home for a few chores – I am jamming and preserving up a storm for Thandi’s school games day (our class is doing the home industry table) and I made some wine jelly and onion marmalade. Then I had booked a luxurious afternoon at one of the local lodge’s spas – a lunch with a glass of divine wine, followed by a massage and a facial – I melted my way home after that, and things felt ok with the world…


Then I headed home after a quick finance meeting at the practice to a lovely date night with my husband. Shame, poor Charlie has definitely felt a little neglected through the last few weeks, work really has pushed everything and everyone to the wayside. It was so nice to just giggle and smile at each other over a delicious glass of wine. I do love my patient husband!

Like I said, yesterday did me a lot of good, but I know that I am going to take a long time to fully recover… Tenacious perseverance and endurance are called for.


  catjuggles wrote @

The day off sounds just what you deserve. I do hope you recover soon

  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

nice day, may it be a regular feature on your calendar 🙂

  runnermum wrote @

Goodness – I can understand why you are so tired. Wish I could help.

  MamaCat wrote @

Sorry to hear it has been so bad. Those spa afternoons look like they can help?

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