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The story of my day

…isn’t really mine, its someone else’s; and that someone is my gracious partner, who has landed home from his holiday in Australia to the news that his brother in Zimbabwe has died after what looks like a mugging gone wrong. So instead of returning home after a good holiday ready to tackle whatever comes next, he is flying into Harare, in the midst of all the chaos there, to his grief stricken family to mourn a life gone too soon. it’s heart breaking…

(edited to say, post mortem results show he had a heart attack, collapsed and hit his head, so fortunately, no foul play – small mercy to the mourning family)

My story is one of an exhausted OBGYn who has been on call for 2 weeks, and will now continue working through the coming weekend; cancelling her plans to run in Knysna and have a weekend away with some friends… It’s almost as equally heart breaking to the author…



  runnermum wrote @

Ohh no, ohh no, ohh no….

So sad on so many levels. Too much…

  halberts2014 wrote @

Oh man, what a horrible thing to come home to. Your poor partner
Keep strong, Keep going, you’re a tough cookie

  catjuggles wrote @

Oh gosh, I am so sorry….

  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

Missing you babe… but I think the universe is telling me I’m done with knysna 🙂 another half will be along soon, we’ll have our run together soon soon. Take care, hope your xth day on call is not kak.

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