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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Friday mayhem!

….argh! There is a rather dramatic taxi strike happening in my neck of the woods today – you will probably never hear about it after the SABC CEO has banned reporting on violent strikes – but they taxi operators are angry that they have never been issued their permits after they have been through all the correct channels and after (empty) promises that they would be issued. What it means is that several access roads have been blocked, tyres are burning. Staff have been unable to get to the hospital, patients are not making their appointments, Kids are being hauled out of their school transport, its a bit of a shambles. And I have 2 in labour, and all I want to do is run home and have a snooze – sob!


  runnermum wrote @

Ai jai jai – and always the burning and the fear.

Good luck!!!

  halberts2014 wrote @

No burning tyres in PE as it is chucking it down and we all know that nothing happens in PE when it rains.

  nyamazela wrote @

Hope Saturday is going a bit better…

  MamaCat wrote @

Hope that by now you are feeling better.

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