Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…glory, how did this happen? Well, technically I know, but really, 41 years, I’m not ready to be that yet, I am still so busy doing stuff! I’m astounded that it has come to this!

My year in review has been interesting – far too much work, but somehow I can’t seem to change that at all; some running, probably not quite enough, but I have been plagued by the odd ache and pain; some incredible friends, and just not enough time with my wonderful little family. Somehow I think this is all pretty standard for a working person like me!

Anyway. today is looking to be a good one. The weather is glorious, I am at work for a few hours this morning. DrHF flies in at lunchtime, and it is young Charlotte’s birthday and party today (my twin – nice of me to deliver her on my birthday!), so we are off to that this afternoon/evening. My clever husband has spoilt me with a new Garmin running watch, one without that bloody chest strap that chafes me to death, yayayay! So even though I am on a strict no running instruction from my biokineticist and physio, I might have to head off for a little trot tomorrow. Watching the sunrise may just be what my soul needs! And a girl has to test her new gift!

Tomorrow brings the great party of 2016, Little Miss Sunshine is going to rock in at our house for the afternoon, and I know those giggling girls will all have so much fun. I just have one or 2 things to tweak – a few more layers to the pass the parcel; sticking the characters on the cake, doing 2 more party packs, cupcakes, fruit skewers and popcorn, hanging up all the decor and then we are ready to roll! Photos will follow – can’t wait to show you all!

Have glorious days, my beautiful blog peeps!



  runnermum wrote @

Have a marvelous birthday. Ohh lucky girl on the watch – strange how the running gifts are always the best.

  charliesbird wrote @

I’m just so excited to not be chaffed on chest!

  halberts2014 wrote @

Happy Birthday. I hope you have a fab day and get spoiled rotten. Can’t wait for the party pics.

  MamaCat wrote @

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a wonderful new year.

  catjuggles wrote @

Happy happy birthday to the both of you! Can’t wait to see the party

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