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Mojo encounters

…it’s amazing what an impact a little good exercise can do for you. I woke up yesterday morning to the gentle trill of my alarm clock at 04h30, tried to roll over, and my guilt laden conscience would not let me, so with adolescent school going reluctance I  sprang out of bed and enthusiastically put on my running kit! And off I went, trying hard to have a delaying accident on the way to the meeting point, with a spring in my step.And before I had rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, we were off. I started off with my usual self doubt, started a conversation with a medical colleague, and before I knew it we were 7.5km into our run. My hip was tweaky (according to my physio, I have age related bloody degeneration of my hip – grrrr!), but I was maintaining my pace, and really enjoying my run! 10km and we were climbing back into the car and I was grinning like a goofy boy after seeing the girl he likes. Ah, my mojo, I have missed you! I know that I can loose you again easily, but please stick around!

That said, my day was good. I needed that after the noisy desperation of the last few days…


  nyamazela wrote @

Grrrr, how sad that we have got to the age where words like ‘age-related’ even come out of our doctors’ mouths! Wasn’t it just the other day we were riding our bikes around the neighbourhood on some spying adventure? Anyway, well done on your 10km – isn’t mojo a wonderful thing!

  catjuggles wrote @

Yes! And I have age related cushion wear and tear at L2 L3 that is making my life hell

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