Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Long Wintery weekend

…yay for that! We were in those mountains, it was flipping cold, but so awesome!

So Friday after a morning of scattered duties, we jumped into the car, and headed for those mountains – they are so beautiful! It was a crisp clear afternoon, which quickly clouded over and got cold! With rain – lots of it… Not necessarily a good thing for the trail run ahead of us on Saturday.

Saturday dawned wet, windy and very cold. We lined up for our run, with all the competitors from the longer 38km run which was cancelled due to the bad conditions. Visibility was about 50m, it was very foul. “Mad dogs and Englishmen”kept tripping through my thoughts… The course, as any in the mountains, was very hilly, and I found the middle third very tough going, with relentless climbs and switchbacks, coupled with the cold and wet; let it be said I was a touch grumpy.  The tracks through the forest were great, but very slippery – I worked on some skiing techniques, and managed to avoid a slip and a mud encrusted bum! Anyway, I did it – with my runbuddy Mike, and we finished in the middle(ish) of the field, so not so bad I guess. Just damn cold!

IMG_4731 IMG_4726(see what I mean?)

The rest of the day was spent seeking warm spots – fireplaces, beds, electric blankets…

Sunday was so beautiful – crisp clear skies, warm sun when one could escape the sneaky breeze! We spent it tramping around the Arbetoreum, seeing all those wonderful autumn colours (or as Thandi called ortim – sweet kid). There was also lots of water coming over the waterfalls, and we were privileged to see 2 on the run, we explored nearby 39 Steps on Sunday – so pretty. I often wonder who named all these falls – I guess the names are pretty self explanatory – Kettlespout, swallowtail, madonna and child –  but who decided?


Yesterday was another nice day, but there was a bit more cloud and breeze, but after a bonfire on the plot, we headed back to the sea. Nice to get away, nice to come home again…

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