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Party Planning

…so it’s that time of the year again, when I start to go to into OTT mom mode, and start to plan Thandi’s birthday party. And this year’s theme, a la Mr Men is Little Miss Sunshine! It’s such a fun one to do – I’m loving the bright colours and fun images! (bear in mind the party date is the 28th of May – expect lots of updates!)

I’m quite far ahead of the curve this year, invites and paper printables are done – gotta love Pinterest for the inspiration! Next step is my table dressings and then the games – I’ll do another Photo Booth effort, with holes for the children to stick their heads through; and we’ll do a feed Little Miss Greedy – where they must throw a beanbag through her mouth, and a pin the crown on Little Miss Princess! And then there will be all the usual games – pass the parcel and all that jazz! Should be fun!

Foodwise – already planning and thinking – I know what cake I want to make for her; and that I will have to co-opt TAFKAD into helping with – some biscuits, some fruit skewers (I found some really cute skewers with hearts on them!), some popcorn and a few other treats.

Party packs – I’m going to fill little mason jars with some yellow and white sweeties – now if M&M would just get back in touch with me, so I can get some yellow M&M’s! Fun all round!




  halberts2014 wrote @

You and I are both party planning. I’ve actually got my files open and scanning the internet for pictures, ideas etc. My party is in July, so I’m got a ways yet.
Love the Mr Men, so cute. Very big in the UK when I was little. Can’t wait for the party pics, like you said, really colourful.
Good luck, and relax when THOSE parents don’t RSVP and then pitch up (that always gets my goat)

  Alexandra wrote @

Me too šŸ™‚ Monster High in May and Star Wars in August! Probably the last at home party for my daughter before she’s too cool for all that jazz.

  nyamazela wrote @

I wish I was coming to the party. Sounds fabulous!

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