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…can you smell us? (please sing that in an Adele style)

Nah, not so bad anymore, by late Wednesday/early Thursday, most parts of my city had had their water restored. Phew! What an experience it has been – I will just say, the whole experience has made me far more water conscious and that load shedding was a LOT easier to cope with than no water for 2 days! But it really was a crisis! Especially when the hospital’s reserve tanks ran dry…

Anyway, let’s trust that the immediate crisis is over, and let’s also trust that the powers that be will be putting measures in place to prevent this from ever happening again! What did happen was the siphon that pulled the water into the treatment tanks at the water plant malfunctioned, and they could not get it going again. Eventually they had to build a diversion around the holding tank to try to get water back into the plant. By then all the reservoirs in town had run day, so that is when we as the consumer started to struggle… And the root of the issue – poor maintenance of an ageing system for far too long,,,


  halberts2014 wrote @

PE must be downwind from you, I thought there was a funny smell in the air.
You’re right, a real pain with no water. What’s funny is that in most of these cases they call back the people they laid off 20 years ago as consultants to sort the problem.

  MamaCat wrote @

Glad to hear it is sorted out It is amazing that you actually know the details.

  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

I remember a carte blanche episode about sewerage treatment plants and how most of them are one blocked pipe away from falling apart.

  charliesbird wrote @

Indeed they are!

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